Decentralized AI Audio Ecosystem
Unstoppable, automated, intelligent Audio Production for Content Creators, Streaming, Music and Broadcast.
Community-built, blockchain-driven – making professional audio quality available to 2,000,000,000 content created every year.

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We are opening up our AI to the creator community, and want to empower you to earn by contributing in building the best Audio AI in the world.

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The majority of audio content today is not high quality.

Audio production is an integral stage in content creation because it ensures that videos, podcasts and general audio content sound professional and provides the best possible listening experience to the audience. However, audio production requires a special toolkit of audio processors and the skill-set to drive them – ultimately resulting in over 80% of content published online not being produced in any way (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud). Subsequently this content is often sub-par in quality.

With over 600 million videos published per year on YouTube alone , the problem with low audio quality is big, and growing fast.

Audio quality has a direct impact on the end user experience of the listener or viewer, and as the quality of majority of videos online today is lacking, platforms and content creators are missing out on engagement from viewers.

Solution: Decentralized AI Audio Post-production
for Content Creators, Music, TV & Radio

Your content deserves to sound great.
Enter dBounce.

Since our launch in 2016, CloudBounce has offered instant audio mastering for musicians, bands and studios. Today, we are a 166,000 strong global user community from over 80 countries.

With dBounce, our goal is to build a robust, open network for AI audio production. Together with the creator community, dBounce can become the leading solution for consumers, video and audio streaming services, broadcasting and production companies.

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Community-built Audio AI.
Powered by the DB Token cryptocurrency.

We will enable the professional content creator community to contribute in building the largest Audio AI in the world. Whether you have a vast collection of professionally created audio, are qualified to evaluate and rank AI quality, or have excess GPU processing power to lend, you can benefit from being a part of the dBounce ecosystem.

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The dBounce Token is an ERC20 token, and controlled by smart contracts on the Ethereum network, meaning all project contributors and customers have a safe, automated and trustless entity handling payments and rewards.


Audio AI in every platform

The dBounce AI can be plugged into software, integrated into apps that handle audio, or be used via desktop clients.

Desktop Client

Content creators can easily process all of their recordings (video & audio) in the standalone client, and publish them to their social channels.
The client will be built for both Windows and Mac environment.


Enterprise Integration

The upcoming dBounce Audio Engine for Enterprise partners is installable in any server environment, and integrated directly into your process flow.



When you operate a platform where users upload their content (music, podcasts, etc.), you can utilize our API to let your users automatically master and optimize their audio.




Content Creators


Mastered Audio Files


Telegram Community Members

dBounce is a proud Abbey Road Red alumni company.




Company history & future development roadmap


Want to offer the best possible sound quality to your audience?

Get in touch with our team, we will be delighted to open up our API, or a custom integration for broadcasting, streaming and production companies.

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Our core team is a multi-disciplinary mixture of experienced software industry professionals, audio engineers and serial entrepreneurs from Finland, Germany, and United Kingdom.

Anssi Uimonen
Co-founder, CEO

Serial entrepreneur; done 3 startups (Nearbooker, Beatsy, Kehto), worked with +1M user platforms (Bonusway), 12 years of experience in various internet businesses. Responsible for innovation, design, running the business. Full stack web development, growth marketing, music and blockchain. Into Bitcoin since 2013.

Pekka Jaaskelainen
Co-founder, CTO

Serial entrepreneur, professional software engineer for over 15 years. Holistic understanding of Machine Learning, Signal Processing and business development. Proficient in multiple programming languages, architectural and design patterns, SQL and document databases, virtualization and system administration. Actively into Ethereum since 2016.

Kristian Haapasalo
Operations, Partners

Handles partnerships with established audio manufacturers (Focusrite), platforms (ReverbNation), retailers and studios (Abbey Road Studios). Kristian is also responsible for handling the UK operations.

Aki Malinen
Community & Business Development

A long time music and blockchain enthusiast. Background in mathematics and systems science combined with an extensive experience in b2c sales for the largest Mobile operator Elisa and vast pro bono work for multiple non-profit organizations. At dBounce Aki is responsible for community management, partnerships and other tasks.

Adam Wilson
C++, Blockchain, Audio Development

Over 20 years programming experience, using various frameworks and languages, from desktop to web to mobile. Worked with ROLI. Creator of a C++ library to connect applications into the Ethereum network, handle, sign transactions and messages. Open source contributor. Specialist in offline data sync solutions and mobile audio applications. An Ethereum enthusiast since 2014.

Juha Sirniö
Audio Engineering & QA

BA in Information Studies. Worked at YLE, the Finnish national broadcasting corporation with 33 radio stations and 2 TV channels. Over 10 years of experience in sound design and music for TV commercials, radio and animation films. At dBounce Juha is responsible for quality assurance, R&D of audio tools.

Fabien Schivre
Audio Software Engineering & Innovation

Serial entrepreneur, co-founded TokyoDawn Records. Built award-winning VST plugins for mixing and mastering. In charge of creating robust, state-of-the-art analyzers and audio processing tools.

Vladislav Goncharov
  DSP & Algorithms

Founder at Vladg Sound. Hardcore signal processing and analysis algorithms. Vladislav has previously built comprehensive mixing & mastering tools for the audio community.


If you are passionate about audio, machine learning or blockchain, we would love to hear from you. We are currently looking for software developers, engineers, scientists and passionate business people to join the journey.
Reach out to Anssi Uimonen via LinkedIn with a link to your CV and/or Github.


Advisory Board

World-class advisory team within AI, audio, technology and blockchain spaces.

Michael Terrell
Machine Learning & Data Science

Ph.D in Music Technology at Queen Mary University, London. Mike is one of the leading AI audio production researchers, having spent 7 years in academia defining the field. Now working as a data scientist, Mike has extensive experience in both Machine Learning and AI, and in developing data related systems and processes in a startup environment.

Dave Hodder
Audio & Blockchain

Physics graduate and former game developer, now Chief Scientist at Focusrite / Novation. Dave has worked in music tech for fifteen years, creating countless software and hardware products. An early Ethereum enthusiast, he's happiest at the intersection of art and cutting edge technology. Dave is advising on audio and blockchain, on a deep technological level.

Juho-Pekka Virolainen
Technology & Architecture

Serial entrepreneur, built and sold several tech companies in Finland and in Silicon Valley. Advising on technology infrastructure and scalability. Founded HD Messaging (Exit to IDT Corp).

Oskari Häkkinen

Co-founder & CPO at Futurefly. Oskari has a long career in digital entertainment, Co-founder at Futurefly. Worked at Remedy Entertainment, EA Games, Microsoft.

Mathias Goldmann
ICO Advisor

Extensive experience in the blockchain and ecommerce space, advisor at Constellation, partner at The Bureau, with profitable exits under his belt. He is an investor, advisor and executive coach to several startups. Mathias is a polycontextual and systemic thinker who aligns investment returns with a sustainable long term vision of a post-scarcity world.


Current Investors

CloudBounce has raised venture financing from early stage venture funds, prominent business angels from UK and Finland, and the Finnish government funding agency Tekes (currently Business Finland). Investors include Ascension Ventures (early stage VC fund, UK), Dave Hodder (Chief Scientist at Focusrite / Novation), Niko Punin (Head of Product Development at Bitfury), Noveltech Audio, and.

"Cloudbounce is like having a personal mastering engineer always readily available for you. It makes the process totally convenient, and the turnaround time is unbelievably fast.
Highly recommended for record labels, artist and music producers who want to enhance their recordings to professional standards for a fraction of the cost.”

Arkatech Beatz

(A&R / Multi Platinum Music Producers)
Production credits: Nas, Big Pun, Jadakiss, The Game, etc.

Check out the sound quality of our mastering product

See what other people say about us

Used by musicians, bands and studios in over 70 countries.

"I’ve seen and heard pretty much every mastering service there is, both man-made and automated, even done quite a few myself, but after having tested Cloudbounce I was left my jaw open: pretty damn good job, guys. Really, really nice. Open, defined, easily translatable to all listening environments from phones to tablets and beyond. Gaming companies and fellow musicians, take note!"

Petri Alanko (Composer & Producer @ Remedy Entertainment)

"I used www.cloudbounce.com for one of our latest tunes and the quality is there. I think its a great service for new producers to get their work mastered at fair price."

Kevin Somos (Local Heroes)

"I put all the demos I get into a playlist but sometimes even a good track might go unnoticed if it’s very low volume. CloudBounce offers an easy and affordable option to ensure your demos will be heard, like literally."

Timo Juuti (Label Founder, Youth Control)

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